Fed up paying too much to the big box brokerages? You’ll be happy with the support, technology, education and low fees at R1! We give you everything you need to prioritize sales. We’ll take care of the rest. Interested? Click the box that applies to you.

About Us

More Support + More Money

Welcome to R1 Companies! We are a brokerage services company built for real people to succeed with the support and freedom they need at low costs. R1 provides its customers and agents with services, technology, and affordable pricing to help build a relationship of trust and support.

Things we Believe:

  • We value your independence whether you are an agent, an independent brokerage or a team lead
  • The agent doing the work deserves most of the money
  • People choose the agent, not the brokerage
  • R1 works for the agent, not the other way around
  • R1 provides the opportunity, you control your destiny
  • Keep your independence
  • Pick and choose the support and services you need at low costs


Better Technology

When you’re Powered by R1 you get low-cost tech like agent websites, agent onboarding and payment portals, document storage, communication tools and a whole lot more.

Staff Support

Staff Support (very unique) removes all the day-to-day tasks a brokerage owner typically gets bogged down with, which reduces overhead, payroll costs and risk


Stay up to date with national and local regulations and learn the R1 way with a robust list of courses from experienced agents and brokers. 


The R1 Family of Companies


Our brands and companies are spread across 15 states and are looking to expand even further.

Percent Growth

In just a few years we have grown over 1000% in sales and added hundreds of agents and employees.

Billion In Sales

With all of our real estate brokerages nationwide, we have generated more than 5 billion in sales.

Our Brand

What makes R1 different?


Real People

R1 was founded by brokers, for brokers. We wanted a real estate company that focuses on your success, not how much money we can extract from you.


Real Success

You’ll get the support you need to succeed, whether you choose to close one deal per year or one hundred, all with no franchise, monthly or hidden fees.


One Family

When you succeed, we succeed. That’s why we have some of the lowest transaction fees and caps and why we have created the tools and services you need at a low cost.

Our Story

How we started R1

R1 quickly grew to be New Mexico’s largest real estate company. Now we are taking America by storm, expanding into 15 states, with more to come this year.

Questions About R1?

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