Eanika Nunez

“I am an R1 baby, which means I was born into R1 as my very first brokerage from the time I got my license. I will never move to another brokerage. I have everything I need from top notch training, printing, marketing, and all the support from the staff and owners. The culture at R1 is the kind that is rare to find in any other brokerages along with a very low cap, no desk fees, or extra expenses.”

— Eanika Nunez


By The Numbers

R1 quickly grew to be New Mexico’s largest real estate company. Now we are taking America by storm, expanding into a dozen states, with more to come this year. Here are just a few things about R1:

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  • 14

    states and counting
  • 1009

    percent growth in our first 3 years
  • 5

    over 5 billion in sales and counting
  • 20,000

    20,000+ transactions and counting