How We Give Back To Our Community.

Real People.

R1 agents and brokers are your friends, neighbors and community leaders. Together, we strive to improve the lives of those in need and to enhance the community as a whole through charity events and fundraising efforts.

Real Success.

As our company (and family) has grown, we’ve made it a priority to give back to others and the communities where we do business. Sharing our success not only helps us build relationships, but gives others a similar opportunity to succeed.

One Family.

Together, we have reached heights we never imagined we would. As a family-owned business, we’ve worked tirelessly to make the family that is also our partners, our customers and our community a part of our success and a part of our impact on the communities we work and live in.

How Our Family Helps Others.

Real People. Real Success. One Family. These are the three pillars we embrace every day. As a real estate company, we understand how important the community is to our success.

Our founders, Mike and Jessica Taylor, built R1 as a company that helps others around them to be successful. Along with employees and friends, Mike and Jessica have continued to provide support for the communities around them.

Since our founding, we have supported organizations we truly believe will make a difference in our community. We host, plan and sponsor community events and are always looking to give back to the community as much as possible.

One of our longest-standing charity events is the R1 Charity Golf Classic. At this event, we invite everyone to play a round of golf to support a charitable cause. Each year, we pick two different charities to support. In 2021, we donated more than $26,000 to the New Mexico Friends of Foster Children and the La Plazita Institute. The New Mexico Friends of Foster Children supports New Mexico youth who need funding to have a normal childhood by giving them money for expenses. La Plazita Institute helps to engage with youth, elders, and communities to draw from their own roots and histories that will express core traditional values of respect, honor, love, and family.

If you are an organization that is looking for funding or believe that it will greatly impact our community, fill out the form below! (For more details on how to apply, click here)

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