R1 Companies

Prioritize Sales. We’ll Take Care of the Rest.

Are you ready to take the leap from high-performing agent to running your own team? R1 offers you the technology, training, marketing and support you need with low fees, low caps, zero franchise fees and more. Find out why below, fill out the confidential form and we’ll set up a time to chat. It’s worth the conversation.

Do you want to start a team that is more profitability while still getting great support? R1 teams have more freedom to run their businesses they way they want with low transaction fees so you keep more of your hard-earned commissions. We also offer a robust suite of technology, classes and tools so you can focus on running the business, not getting tied up with back-end drudgery. Reach out today!

The Perks Of Working With R1

More $$$ In Your Pocket

No franchise fees + low transaction fees, small annual cap, deferred payments and more.

Commission Advances

Advances to agents and brokers when they have a pending sale.

Big-Box Technology

R1 takes care of the back-office items so you can focus on your agents and clients.


Free and paid classes for your team to learn the R1 Way and everything else in the real estate biz.


Stay connected with documents, calendars, courses, chat, forums, and more for each team.

Lead Generation

Cost-effective lead generation through multiple platforms, including subsidized kvCore.

Marketing Support

Social media subscriptions, advertising support, signs, and brochures + more.

The R1 Marketplace

Find local vendors, signs, tools, training, and so much more, all at amazing rates.

You’re the boss

Choose which products, courses, and services you want. We are here to serve you.

IS R1 A Good Fit FOr my team?

We Are Just Getting Started.


Our brands and companies are spread across 15 states and we’re expanding quickly into other areas.

Percent Growth

In just a few years we have grown over 1000% in sales and added hundreds of agents and employees.

Billion In Sales

With all of our sales from our real estate brokerages nationwide, we have generated more than 5 billion in sales.

Why Join R1 As A Team?

The Future Of Real Estate

R1 offers you the technology, training, marketing, and support you need with low fees, low caps, zero franchise fees, and more.

We are a brokerage services company built for real people to succeed with the support and freedom they need at low costs. Want to learn more? Reach out to us today.

We also offer a robust suite of tools to help your office with paperwork, compliance, communications, and more. Many of these are included for free when you join, while others are available a la carte. You get to choose what services you want and pay less while doing it.

Evolving Technology

Our team is hard at work developing new services and technology for our customers and agents. 


Founded in 2016, R1 Companies was built to make a difference in the real estate industry by building lasting relationships with our customers and agents.

Growing Business

With increasing sales each year and almost 1500 agents, we are looking to expand our company even further. Are you ready to join the future of Real Estate?

Our Story

How we started R1

R1 quickly grew to be New Mexico’s largest real estate company. Now we are taking America by storm, expanding into 15 states, with more to come this year.